What I didn’t Learn in School


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March 2015

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Jamson Chia

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About the Author:

Jamson entered the life insurance business because of his desire to help others. Being witness to how his uncle was made bankrupt after failing in his business, he became more resolute to help others avoid the risks of poor financial planning – from those being retrenched due to the poor economic climate to those in need of financial allocation expertise.Throughout his decade-long career, Jamson has achieved many successes.Within the first five years, he achieved an admirable feat for being a member of the Million Dollar Round Table for three consecutive years. He is now a director at Strategic Alliance Group. Jamson believes that success is achieved by placing high value on maximising individual strengths, instead of focusing on improving their weaknesses. As a mentor,he is committed to help his team develop customer centric expertise by giving value to the customers over efficiency and valuing people over processes. His colleagues know him as a futuristic leader who cares for his people, and someone whom they can rely and depend on, to create solutions that are “designed” to solve even the most tangled problems. Jamson has earned himself a reputation as someone who can mentor them to achieve success.


Book Description:

What I Didn’t Learn In School – You’ve probably guessed it – is anything but textbook answers to helping you find success in life after gradutation. You will read about all the hard knocks the author went through in search for his dream career after graduating from the university, as well as the lessons he has learnt from them.

From this book, you will draw 8 life lessons – on attitude, mentorship, personal branding, networking, employment, business, money mastery and health – that will help you meander through your new and exciting life with fewer knocks. This book is for school leavers and to-be graduates who may be intimidated by the impending thought of stepping into the real world and actualising that dream career. You should read this book before making another life-changing decision on your career.

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